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Vinci LV vs. Orion Jr

Comparison of off-the-shelf digital BMSs for small batteries

Vinci LV Orion Jr
Target Applications
Stationary, single battery *
Stationary, battery array
Small traction pack *
Battery types
Li-ion (all chemistries)
Lead acid
Protector (integral switch) *
Using external power switch
Battery array
Number of batteries on bus 63 1
Safe connection to bus
Volume, [cm3] 313 701
Automotive, connectors
Number of Li-ion cells in series 6~16 16
Number of Lead acid batteries in series 2~4
Bullet-proof (survives cell tap misconnection or open fuse)
Control is isolated from battery
Number of thermistors 5 2
Shunt current sensor
Hall Effect current sensor
Dissipative ("passive")
Charge transfer ("active")
Top balance (energy battery)
Mid balance (power battery)
High Power Outputs
No of outputs 7 4
Output current 1.5 A 0.15 A
Short circuit protection
FAN drive
Contactor drive
MOSFET drive
Latching relay drive
Analog Outputs
CCL, DCL, SOC analog outputs
Voltage meter, bidirectional current meter
Digital Control
Number of low power digital control inputs 2 1
Number of low power digital TTL outputs 3 0
Communication Links
CAN bus Optional
WiFi Optional
XanBus™ (Schneider Electric) Optional
MODBUS RTU RS485 Optional
MODBUS TCP-IP Ethernet Optional
Serial USB RS232

* This BMS is able to be used for this application, but it is not its primary application.

Functions listed assume all options offered in product family.

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