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Vinci BMS accessories

Used in multiple Vinci BMS families

Elithion also offers accessories to complete your Vinci-EV, Vinci-HV or Vinci-LV BMS.

Communication adapters

Communication adapters between an External Master and the external system.

Part number Description Vinci port External side Function
3AC0000U Adapter, CAN-USB CAN PC USB port GUI
3AS0000T Adapter, Serial-TTL Serial TTL LCD Display
3AS0232R Adapter, Serial-RS232 Serial RS232 General
3AS0485R Adapter, Serial-RS485 Serial RS485 ModBus
3AS0000U Adapter, Serial-USB Serial PC USB port GUI
Vinci Serial Adapter

Unless the external system reports the battery current to the BMS through the CAN bus, each battery requires a current sensor.
You may provide your own, or you may obtain one from Elithion, either as part of a protector switch (see above) or by itself.

For up to 50 A current, a current sensor may be included inside the battery master's case.

Elithion offers these external current sensors.

In line, Hall Effect Current sensors

In line Hall Effect current sensors for low current.

Include current sense wires.

Part number Max current Mount Manufacturer
& P/N
EUZ0300CS ±900 A Chassis
Wire fed through sensor
HASS 300-S
In line current sensor
In line current sensor

Cable mount, Hall Effect Current sensors

Hall Effect current sensors for high current are inherently isolated and are easy to install.

Chassis mounted, battery wire runs through opening in sensor.

Part number Max current Manufacturer P/N
EUZ0300CS ±900 A LEM HASS 300-S
Cable mount current sensor
Cable mount current sensor

Shunt Current sensors

Shunt current sensors are more accurate and do not drift with temperature.

Chassis mount, 4-terminal Kelvin connection.

Part number Max current Resistance Manufacturer P/N
ERS5010CP ±100 A 500 µΩ Deltec MKA-100-50
ERS2511CP ±200 A 250 µΩ Deltec MKB-200-50
ERS1011CP ±500 A 100 µΩ Deltec MKB-500-50
ERS5003CP ±1000 A 50 µΩ Deltec MKC-1000-50
Shunt current sensor
Shunt current sensor

Allows the management of up to 63 batteries connected to a single bus as if they were a single battery.

Not required for a single battery (that is, it is not in an array).

May be used with the following product lines: Vinci-HV, Vinci-LV.

May include an optional communication board, for one of the following communications links.

Link Protocol Part number
None 3MA0000M
CAN XanBus™ 3MA0001M
RS485 RTU ModBus 3MA0002M
Ethernet TCP/IP ModBus 3MA0003M
RS232 Generic 3MA0004M
WiFi Any browser 3MAxxx5M
Array Master module
Vinci Array Master

Harnesses, wires, cables, connectors and terminals to complete a Vinci BMS.

For harnesses you have the following options, in order of ease:

  • Buy ready-made harnesses from Elithion
  • Buy ready-made terminated tails from Elithion and housings from an electronics distributor; insert tails in housings
  • Buy wire, terminals and housings from an electronics distributor; crimp terminals on wire, insert in housings

For an array, for the VinciBus, you have the following options, in order of ease:

  • Buy ready-made Array VinciBus components from Elithion
  • Buy a terminator from Elithion, use your own wiring
  • Make your own terminator and your own wiring


Pre-wired harnesses for connection to masters, batteries.

Part number Description Wires Used with
EV HV LV Module P/N Module type
3WM0510P Wiring harness, MX34, lead-acid taps, 1 m 5 3ML04xxP Vinci LV, LA
3WM1605B Wiring harness, MX34, VinciBus, control, slave 16 3MB0004F Slave, VinciBus, fiber-optic, 4 banks
3WM1605K Wiring harness, MX34, VinciLink, 16 taps, 0.5 m 16 3ML1xxxx
Vinci LV, li-ion
VinciLink slave
3WM2405K Wiring harness, MX34, VinciLink, 24 taps, 0.5 m 25 3ML2xxxx
Vinci LV, li-ion
VinciLink slave
3WM4005A Wiring harness, MX34, Array Master control, 0.5 m 40 3MA400xM Array Master
3WM4005L Wiring harness, MX34, Vinci LV control, 0.5 m 40 3MLxxxxx Vinci LV
Vinci Harness


Wires terminated to terminals, suitable for insertion in a housing.

Part number Description
3WT0005MA Wiring, terminated tail, 0.5 m, black
3WT0105MA Wiring, terminated tail, 0.5 m, brown
3WT0205MA Wiring, terminated tail, 0.5 m, red
3WT0305MA Wiring, terminated tail, 0.5 m, orange
3WT0405MA Wiring, terminated tail, 0.5 m, yellow
3WT0805MA Wiring, terminated tail, 0.5 m, gray
3WT0905MA Wiring, terminated tail, 0.5 m, white
Terminated wire
Vinci terminated wire


Individual components you can use to make your own harnesses for connection to masters, batteries.

Elithion PN Description Manufacturer
& PN
US: DigiKey PN EU: RS
EKV3440UA Connector, MX34, plug housing, 5 way JAE MX34005SF1 670-2284-ND 690-9880
EKV3416UA Connector, MX34, plug housing, 16 way JAE MX34016SF1 670-2290-ND 690-9874
EKV3440UA Connector, MX34, plug housing, 40 way JAE MX34040SF1 670-2299-ND 690-9852
EKV3403ST Connector, MX34, socket, 22 AWG crimp, tin JAE M34S75C4F1 670-2268-1-ND 690-9899
EKV3403ST Connector, MX34, socket, 20 AWG crimp, tin JAE M34S75C4F2 670-2006-1-ND 690-9893

Application tooling.

Elithion PN Description Manufacturer
& PN
US EU Asia
- Hand crimper, MX34 JAE CT150-2-MX34 Digikey 670-2488-ND RS 733-6268 -
- Extractor, MX34 JAE CT150-2-MX34 Mouser 656-ET-MX34-1 - RS: 632-4677
Connector components
Vinci connector components


For battery arrays only: optional, pre-wired cables for connecting the VinciBus in an array of batteries.

Elithion PN Description Used Quantity Length
3JB0000T VinciBus terminator On the last battery in the array One per array -
3JB0001R VinciBus single jack On the Array Master One per array -
3JB0002R VinciBus dual jack On each battery in an array One per battery -
3JB0005C VinciBus cable Between a Battery Master and the preceding module One per battery 0.5 m
3JB0010C 1 m
3JB0020C 2 m
3JB0050C 5 m
VinciBus connectors
Array VinciBus components


Required at the end of a VinciBus.

Part number Description
3TB0000A Terminator, VinciBus
VinciBus terminator
VinciBus terminator


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