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Vinci-LV BMS product

Modules and assemblies

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Elithion offers the Vinci LV in a variety of versions, to meet your needs.

Multiple batteries may be managed as a single unit by adding an Array Master.

Elithion also offers accessories (current sensors, communication adapters, pre-made wiring...).

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One battery master is required for each individual battery.

Offered in three sets of options.

Batteries / cells

Battery Balancing / redistribution
Charge Transfer
Li-ion ≤ 12 cells 3ML12xxD 3ML12xxX
> 12 cells 3ML16xxD
≤ 16 cells
≤ 15 cells
Lead Acid n.a. 3ML04xxL

Current sensor / protector switch

Current Specifications Part number Notes
None 3MLxx0xx Requires external sensor and switch
20 A Sensor + protector switch: solid state, bidirectional, directions individually controlled 3MLxx2xx
50 A Shunt sensor 3MLxx5xx Requires external sensor switch

External communications port

Link Protocol Part number Notes
None 3MLxxx0x Select this if used in an array
(the Array Master handles external communications)
CAN XanBus™ 3MLxxx1x
RS485 RTU ModBus 3MLxxx2x
Ethernet ModBus TCP/IP 3MLxxx3x
RS232 Generic 3MLxxx4x
WiFi Any browser 3MLxxx5x
Vinci LV master
Vinci LV BMS master

Normally, a battery has a single string in series; a single Vinci LV master will handle that single string by itself.

If the battery consists of multiple series strings that are then connected in parallel, the BMS must monitor each cell in each string.

In that case, the Vinci LV master monitors one of the strings, while a number of slaves monitor the other strings.
For N strings in parallel, you need 1 Vinci LV master and N-1 VinciLink slaves.


  • NOT to be used to increase the number of cells in series: the Vinci LV is low voltage batteries only.
  • NOT to be used for strings that are not connected permanently in parallel: if a string can be disconnected, then it's its own battery, and it requires its own BMS.
  • Not available for Lead Acid.


      Battery Balancing / redistribution
      Dissipative ("passive") Charge Transfer ("active")
      Li-ion 8~12 cells 3MK1200D 3MK1200X
      13~16 cells 3MK1600D
      ≤ 16 cells
      ≤ 15 cells
Vinci LV slave module
Vinci LV slave

Each battery requires a protector switch to turn off the battery current and a current sensor.

For up to 20 A current, Elithion offers an internal protector switch and a current sensor.

Above that, Elithion offers these external protector switches.

Part number Current Voltage Description
3SL5106M 50 A 60 V Solid state switch
3SL1206M 100 A 60 V Solid state switch and current sensor
3SL2220C 200 A 200 V Contactor and current sensor
3SL5220C 500 A 200 V Contactor and current sensor
3SL1320C 1000 A 200 V Contactor and shunt current sensor
3SL2320C 2000 A 200 V Contactor and shunt current sensor
Protector switch
Protector switch


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