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2HR0xxxE series HV Front Ends

Lithiumate™ remote High Voltage Front End, enclosed

This optional, Remote High Voltage Front End, may be used with a BMS master, to add certain testing before turning on contactors:
  • Absence of current leakage between battery and chassis
  • Presence of battery voltage
  • Contactors are operational
  • End of precharge inrush current pulse
May include battery current sensors:
  • None, ±5 or ±20 A for the source current
  • None, ±50, ±100 or ±200 A for the load current
Includes drivers for contactors, including a precharge relay.

A separate HV Front End:

  • Keeps the high voltage away from the BMS controller
  • Keeps any electrical noise away from the BMS controller
  • May simplify the layout of high voltage cabling
This Remote HV Front End communicates with the BMS controller through the CAN bus.
Enclosed HV Front End
Enclosed HV Front End


These HVFEs are available with no current sensors, or with one sensor or two.
PN Source current sensor Load current sensor
2HR0000E - -
2HR0005E ±5 A -
2HR0020E ±20 A -
2HR0050E - ±50 A
2HR0100E - ±100 A
2HR0200E - ±200 A
2HR0055E ±5 A ±50 A
2HR0070E ±20 A ±50 A
2HR0105E ±5 A ±100 A
2HR0120E ±20 A ±100 A
2HR0205E ±5 A ±200 A
2HR0220E ±20 A ±200 A


General specifications:

Symbol Item Conditions Min Nom Max Units
Vbatt Battery voltage Precharge and leak tests in use 18   750 Vdc
Precharge and leak tests not used 3.2 1100
Visol Isolation voltage Battery to chassis, unit off
or precharge and leak tests not used
-1000 1000 Vdc
700 Vac
Vsupply Supply voltage Rev C 10 12 15 Vdc
Isupply Supply current No sensors 20 150 mAdc
Two current sensors 44 170
Ibatt Source current
linear range
2HR0005B, 2HR0055B, 2HR0105B, 2HR0205B -5   5 A
2HR0020B, 2HR0070B, 2HR0120B, 2HR0220B -20 20
Load current
linear range
2HR0050B, 2HR0055B, 2HR0070B -50 50
2HR0100B, 2HR0105B, 2HR0120B -100 100
2HR0200B, 2HR0205B, 2HR0220B -200 200
Current sensor tolerance 1 %
Iopen-drain-cont Open Drain output current, continuous On 1.5 A
Iopen-drain-peak Open Drain output current, inrush On, 100 ms 5 A
Vopen-drain Open Drain output voltage Off 30 V
IHV-leak-on HV isolation test current Isolation test in progress 2.7 5.0 mA

For detailed specifications, please see the Lithiumate™ Manual.


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