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Vinci BMS

Application-specific Li-ion Battery Management System families

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Most versatile, most advanced, off-the-shelf BMS

  • For medium sized and large batteries and arrays of up to 63 batteries
  • Modular, fully configurable, field programmable
  • All cell formats, all Li-ion Chemistries plus Lead acid
  • Dissipative ("passive") or non-dissipative ("active") balancing; top or mid balance
  • Sophisticated, digital technology: reports each cell's voltage and temperature
  • CAN bus, ModBUS (RS485 or Ethernet), WiFi communications, USB monitoring
  • Elegant Graphics User Interface (Windows)
  • Off the shelf, stocked
  • Solutions specific for most applications:

Typical Vinci BMS module

Elithion offer multiple Vinci BMS families, each tailored for a given application.

Vinci LV
Low Voltage
Vinci HV
High Voltage
Vinci EV
Electric Vehicle
Application Location Stationary
Stationary Mobile
Voltage Low High Medium
Typical: Solar, telecom, house power, servers Grid, micro-grid, off-grid Traction packs for EV, HEV, PHEV
Battery Voltage 24~48 V 500~1500 V 60~700 V
Chemistry Any Li-ion
Lead acid
3.2 and 3.7 V Li-ion Any Li-ion
Size Small, medium Large, very large Medium, large
Sub-modules Single case May be split into modules May be split into 2+ packs
Array Batteries Up to 63 in parallel Up to 63 in series and parallel n.a.
Topology BMS topology Centralized (1 module)
Optional: additional slaves
Master / Slave
(Master, Application Module, Slaves)
Cell sense topology Wired (1 wire / cell) Distributed (1 cell-board / cell),
fiber optic
Wired (1 wire / cell)
Distributed, copper
Distributed, fiber optic
Slave type Optional: VinciLink (2 wire) VinciBus (CAN) VinciLink (2 wire)
VinciBus (CAN)
Balancing Technology Dissipative ("passive")
Charge Transfer ("active")
Dissipative Dissipative
SoC Level Top Top (energy, back-up)
Mid (power, load leveling)
Top (energy, EV)
Mid (power, HEV)
Battery isolation Technology Transformer Fiber-optic Transformer, opto-isolator or fiber-optic
Testing Fault current, location, resistance; capacitance to ground
Bus connection Safe-connect Yes Yes Not available
Protector Optional, ≤ 2000 A Not available Optional, ≤ 300 A
Features "Bullet proof" Yes (w/ dissipative only) No No
Current sensing Ext. Hall effect
Ext. shunt
Ext. Hall effect
Ext shunt
Thermal management External Fan, heater driver
Meter drivers Voltage, current, SoC
Req. power supply None: self powered 12 V
Ext. comm. Standard CAN
CAN to charger
Optional XanBus
ModBus RTU (RS485)
ModBus TCP/IP (Ethernet)


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