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Lithiumate™ BMS design and ordering

Self-service form

Please use this form to design a Lithimate BMS for your battery, and to get a quote for a single system.

Please contact us if you need help, if you wish us to prepare a quote, or if you need more than 1 system.

This complete Lithiumate BMS includes:

  • BMS master
  • Cell boards for your size cell
  • Current sensors
  • Cables and connectors
  • Access to the installation manual
  • Access to the Graphic User Interface application
Lithiumate Pro
Lithiumate Pro master


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Cell format
Terminal spacing [mm]

Cell format

(supported, but not recommended)
Cell arrangement
No. of Cells
Number of cells in series
Number of physically separate or electrically disconnectable battery sections


back to top 2: Describe the system

Battery peak current Normal mode: [A]
Charging mode: [A]
Isolation detection
CAN bus


back to top 3: Select BMS options


BMS masters set
Current sensors

Current Sensor


back to top 4: Add accessories


BMS masters set
The system has 0 banks, so you need 0 y-adapters and, normally, 0 extensions.
Y-adapters 1 ft: 2 ft: 3 ft:   
Bank extensions 4 ft: 6 ft: 8 ft: 12 ft:   
SOC display
BMS masters set
Balance boosters
BMS masters set


back to top 5: Get a quote, immediately

BMS system part number Click to make the part number editable. Then edit the part number, click elsewhere, and see the Bill Of Materials change accordingly
Price Listed in the email
Customer Name
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