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Lithiumod™ low voltage battery modules

For smart telecom, solar and server back-up

Rack-mountable, hot-swappable, fully protected, Li-ion battery module.

Expandable into a massively parallel, remotely operable, battery rack system.


Designed for systems with a 48 V bus.

  • Telecom back-up (e.g.: cell phone towers)
  • Solar (e.g.: Photo-voltaic installations)
  • Computer server rooms (centralized or in individual racks)
  • House power
Lithiumod rack Click picture to enlarge
Ruggedized, protected, portable batteries

Single module


  • Standard, off-the-shelf
  • Inherently safer LiFePO4 cells
  • Current, voltage, temperature protection
  • Safely reconnects to bus, Hot-swap safe
  • Loss of isolation detection
  • Rack mounted
  • Redundant: two independent BMSs


  • Autonomous, standalone
  • Solid state protection switches
  • High power DC-DC converter
  • Balancing, SOC, SOH
  • USB port for monitoring and control
  • Lithiumod bus for expansion
Lithiumod module
Lithiumod module

Multiple modules in parallel

Multiple modules may be connected in parallel (not in series), and operate either in autonomously or in a coordinated mode.

Multiple autonomous modules

  • Any number of modules may be connected in parallel
  • Each module connects safely to the bus without current surges due to SOC differences
Low voltage Lithiumod block diagram
Massively parallel battery system
using autonomous modules

Multiple coordinated modules

  • A Rack Master coordinates battery modules, communicates with the external system
  • Up to 127 modules may be connected in parallel
  • Graphic User Interface (Windows) for control and monitoring
  • Uses two redundant links: CAN bus plus analog chain
Low voltage Lithiumod block diagram
Coordinated, massively parallel
battery system


Model Voltage Brochure General specifications
battery module
48 V PDF brochure
  • 40~54.4 Vdc
  • 5.2 kWh, 280 Apk, 14 kWpk
  • LiFePO4 Li-ion cells
  • Includes dual, redundant BMS
  • Full protection with integral solid state switches
  • DC-DC converter for equalization before parallel connection
  • USB available for configuration and testing
  • Able to operate autonomously, in standalone mode
  • Safely connects to a common bus without current surges due to voltage difference
Rack Master
12~60 V PDF brochure
  • Handles 1 to 127 Lithiumod battery modules
  • Communicates with external system (CAN bus plus analog chain)
  • USB available for configuration and testing
  • Isolated inputs and outputs to control external equipment


  • 3 kW charger (one per module)


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