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1TF0000K - Cell board test fixtures

Test fixtures for Lithiumate cell boards

This test fixture performs a complete test of single cell boards: mid bank, positive end, or negative end.

The cell board's own LED reports the test results by flashing its LED.

Complete description

Test fixtureClick picture to enlarge
Test fixture


At test fixture consisists of a cell fuxture core, one of the power supplies, and one or more test heads.

No test head available for cell boards for 3 or more cells.
Use instead the 1TF0000HA generic kit to test each section individually.

Part number Description Required
1TF0000B Cell board test fixture core 1
1TF0000HA Test fixture head, cell board, generic kit 1,+
1TF0001H Test fixture head, cell board, 1PRxxxx, prismatic, single
1TF0009H Test fixture head, cell board, 1PO0000, pouch, single
1TF0010H Test fixture head, cell board, 1SC0100, small cylindrical, single
1TF0019H Test fixture head, cell board, 2LC00x0, large cylindrical, dual
NOTE: requires 2 ea 1TF0000B and 2 power supplies.
EUP0505WS 5 V 5 W Wall mount, 110 Vac, switching Power supply 1
EUP0510WE 5 V 10 W Wall mount, 220Vac, EU plug, switching Power supply


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