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Privacy policy statement

This is the web site of Elithion.

Our postal address is 117 S. Sunset st Ste L Longmont CO 80501

We can be reached via e-mail or by telephone as indicated in our contact page.

For each visitor to our Web page, our Web server automatically recognizes no information regarding the domain or e-mail address.

We collect the e-mail addresses of those who communicate with us via e-mail. We aggregate information on what pages visitors to our website access. We collect no information on consumers who browse our Web page. We do not set any cookies. If you do not want to receive e-mail from us in the future, please let us know by sending us e-mail at the above address.

If you supply us with your postal address, you will only receive the information for which you provided us your address.

Persons who supply us with their telephone numbers will only receive telephone contact from us with information regarding orders they have placed.

We do not partner with or have special relationships with any ad server companies.

From time to time, we may use customer information for new, unanticipated uses not previously disclosed in our privacy notice. If our information practices change at some time in the future we will post the policy changes to our Web site to notify you of these changes and provide you with the ability to opt out of these new uses. If you are concerned about how your information is used, you should check back at our Web site periodically.

Customers may prevent their information from being used for purposes other than those for which it was originally collected by e-mailing us at the above address.

For security reasons, we do not provide on-line access to information that we have collected and that we maintain about them. Consumers can access this information only by contacting us by email or calling us, and proving their identity. Consumers can have this information corrected by sending us e-mail at the above address. We have appropriate security measures in place in our physical facilities to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of information that we have collected from you at our site.

If you feel that this site is not following its stated information policy, you may contact us at the above addresses or phone number, state or local consumer protection office, The Federal Trade Commission by phone at 202.FTC-HELP (202.382.4357) or electronically at http://www.ftc.gov/ftc/complaint.htm.

Prohibited use policy

Elithion products may not be used in military applications or by military personnel.

Ordering policy

Elithion will not accept orders that are not placed by clicking the "Order this quote" button in an Elithion quote.

Elithion will not accept orders that are placed on an expired Elithion quote.

Elithion will not accept orders that impose additional terms and conditions.

Elithion may cancel orders for which it has not received payment within 30 days from the date of the order.

Shipping policy

Elithion will ship product within 24 hours of charging a credit card for that product.

{Jan 26 2019}

Additional fees will be included, as shown in the table below:

US lower 48 states Elsewhere
Handling fee $ 10 $ 25*
Shipping We ship* Ground Free Cost + 15 %
Other Actual cost Cost + 15 %
You ship Free $ 10*
Drop-ship fee* $ 10 $ 25


(*) See notes below.

We ship

Elithion will ship using its own account, using the shipping method of its choice.

You ship

As an international customer you may elect to use the services of a US-based freight forwarder or to ship using your shipping account. In those cases, Elithion will only be responsible for the shipment to the freight forwarder, or to hold the product for pick-up. Elithion will not charge for shipping, but will charge the "you ship" fee to cover the costs of preparing international shipping paperwork.

Handling fee for international shipments

The handling fee for international shipments is added whether we ship using our shipping account or your shipping account, or you ship using a US-based freight forwarder.

This fee includes preparing a commercial invoice and a packing list; all other international shipping paperwork is only included in this fee if we ship using our account.

Drop ship fee

This fee is charged to ship to a 3rd party.

Tech support policy

{Jan 26 2019}

Elithion offers up to 1 hour of free tech support to the original buyer for standard systems whose BMS master was sold by Elithion within the previous 12 months.

Otherwise, Elithion may, at its discretion, offer paid tech support at $ 50 per 15 minutes or portions thereof.

Product return policy


You may contact Elithion to request permission to return product that is produced by Elithion and normally stocked by Elithion.

The product must be new, unused, and in resellable conditions.

The product must have been sold by Elithion for a total price of at least $ 50 and Elithion must have already received payment for that product.

If Elithion issues you an RMA (Return Material Authorization) for that product, it must be received by Elithion within 90 days from the date it was originally shipped by Elithion.

You must be responsible for the costs for shipping that product to Elithion.

Within 30 days from the receipt of the returned product, if the product meets the requirements listed above, Elithion will refund you the amount paid to Elithion for that product, minus a restocking and retesting fee of $ 50 or 10 %, whichever is larger.

{5/1/16} Elithion will charge an additional fee of $ 25 per box for returned product for which Elithion has not issued an RMA, and for boxes that do not contain exactly the product for which an RMA was issued.

Repair policy

{Jan 26 2019}

Elithion will handle in warranty repairs according to its "Limited Warranty" Policy ( below, in the "Terms and Conditions of sale") section.

Elithion may, at its discretion, allow the return of product for testing; testing of in-warranty product that is revealed to be non-functional is free; otherwise, Elithion will charge for testing.

For out-of-warranty product, Elithion may, at its discretion, offer to repair or replace the product, for a fee.

Elithion's repair or replacement of a product does not affect nor extend the original warranty of the product in effect when it was originally purchased.

Terms and Conditions of sale

General: The terms and conditions of sale hereinafter set forth ("Terms") are expressly made part of the quotation and/or acknowledgment of Elithion LLC ("Seller"). These Terms apply to all sales made by Seller except to the extent the Terms conflict with a Sales Agreement signed by Seller and Purchaser. These Terms apply in lieu of any course of dealing between the parties or usage of trade in the industry. These Terms may in some instances conflict with some of the terms and conditions affixed to the purchase order or other procurement document issued by the Purchaser. In such case, the Terms contained herein shall govern, and acceptance of Purchaser's order is conditioned upon Purchaser's acceptance of the Terms herein, irrespective of whether the Purchaser accepts these conditions by a written acknowledgment, by implication, or acceptance and payment of products ordered hereunder. Seller's failure to object to provisions contained in any communication from Purchaser shall not be deemed a waiver of the provisions herein. Any changes in the Terms contained herein must specifically be agreed to in writing signed by an officer of Seller before becoming binding on either party.

Orders: All online quotes are subject to final approval in writing by Seller. All products and services are subject to availability and may be withdrawn at any time. If Seller does not supply any goods for any reason Purchaser will not be charged and Seller will refund any money already paid for them. Seller will not be responsible for compensating Purchaser for any losses that may be suffered if Seller does not supply the goods.

Payment: Unless otherwise specified in writing by Seller, the following terms of payment apply. Domestic terms of payment are net cash, with prepayment via check, approved credit card, bank wire transfer, or approved letter of credit for orders over $10,000. International terms of payment net cash in U.S. dollars or Euros, with prepayment via approved credit card, bank wire transfer or approved letter of credit for orders over $10,000. In the event that any matter is referred for collection, Purchaser will pay any and all costs of collection, including attorneys' fees. The Seller reserves the right to cancel or defer any order or any part thereof, whenever, in Seller's sole opinion, the Purchaser's financial condition or other circumstances do not warrant shipment on the terms originally specified in the contract. All rights of the Seller hereunder are cumulative and are in addition to any and all rights and remedies afforded by the Uniform Commercial Code in effect in the State of Colorado.

Shipment: All prices are net F.O.B. Seller's facility or other point of shipment unless otherwise expressly agreed upon by the Seller. Method and route of shipment are at Seller's discretion. Price includes ground shipping to locations in the contiguous U.S. International shipments are at Purchaser's expense.

Identification, Title, And Risk of Loss: Title and risk of loss shall pass to the Purchaser when the products are placed in the hands of the carrier for shipment.

Loss from Delay: Shipping dates are estimated only and are based on conditions at time of quotation. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by Seller, delivery time is not of the essence. Seller does not accept liability for any loss arising from delay in delivery of products.

Storage: In the event that shipment of the goods is unreasonably delayed because of Purchaser's unwillingness or inability to accept delivery or because of Purchaser's request to witness any test, Seller will store the goods and charge Purchaser for the cost of storage, insurance, maintenance of the goods, and other incidental costs.

Taxes, Duties and Licenses: All prices are exclusive of applicable federal, state or local taxes, export duties, or like taxes and duties, unless otherwise expressly provided. Seller shall have no obligation to secure any export license or permit for its products.

Services: All prices are exclusive of services. The charge for such services may be negotiated and included in the price or purchased on a separate purchase order at existing rates.

Installation and Use: Purchaser shall install and use the Products in accordance with instructions provided by Seller. Sale is conditional on proof of Purchaser's technical qualification to use the Products and proof that Purchaser's equipment will obey the battery management system's commands). Seller will not be responsible for any damage arising out of improper or unauthorized installation, negligence, neglect, abuse, misuse, or improper maintenance by Purchaser and any such acts will invalidate the warranty.

Returns: No goods may be returned without the prior written consent of the Seller. In the event returns are authorized by the Seller, Seller will issue a Return Material Authorization Number (RMA). Goods returned without such RMA, or with freight due will be refused.

Changes and Revisions: Seller reserves the right to make revisions and changes in its goods and assumes no obligation to incorporate these changes in earlier models. The terms and conditions contained herein and the prices contained in Seller's price sheets and quotations are subject to change without notice.

Limited Warranty: Seller warrants all of its products to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of one (1) year from the date of shipment. Seller's sole obligation under this warranty shall be limited either to replace or repair defective products or to refund the purchase price, at Seller's option, after inspection at Seller's facility verifies the claim. THERE ARE NO OTHER WARRANTIES WHICH EXTEND BEYOND THE DESCRIPTION OF THIS LIMITED WARRANTY, AND TO THE FULL EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW, ANY AND ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR ARISING FROM ANY COURSE OF DEALING OR USAGE OR TRADE, ARE HEREBY EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMED AND EXCLUDED, AS WELL AS ALL OTHER OBLIGATIONS OR LIABILITIES OF SELLER.

Reverse Engineering: As a condition of sale, Purchaser agrees not to copy, reverse engineer, produce or manufacture, or to cause or enable others to copy, reverse engineer, produce or manufacture any item containing intellectual property rights or confidential information of Seller.

Force Majeure: Seller is not liable for loss, damage, detention, or delay due to causes beyond its reasonable control such as acts of God, acts of Purchaser, acts of civil or military authority, priorities, fires, strikes, floods, epidemics, quarantine restrictions, war, riot, delays in transportation, government restrictions or embargoes, or difficulties in obtaining necessary labor, materials, and manufacturing facilities due to such causes.


Governing Law; Venue: All contracts for the purchase of Seller's products are deemed to be made at Seller's offices in Boulder, Colorado, and deemed Colorado contracts, and shall be governed by the laws of the State of Colorado in effect on the date of the contract. The parties agree and consent that the appropriate jurisdiction and venue for any legal action based on this Contract shall be in the County of Boulder, State of Colorado.

Export regulations: Purchaser agrees to comply fully with all laws and regulations concerning the purchase and sale of goods. In particular, Purchaser agrees to comply with the Export Administration Regulations of the United States in so far as they apply to the sale of goods. All goods must be delivered to the ultimate destination as shown on the shipment/invoice address and any contrary diversion is prohibited.


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