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Offering our expertise in Li-Ion BMSs and large battery packs to the industry

Elithion offers engineering consulting services in areas related to Li-Ion batteries and Battery Management Systems (BMS).


Design services:

  • Battery pack design: mechanical and electrical design, thermal analysis
  • PHEV conversions
  • System integration
3D design of battery
Battery design for a light rail train


Elithion offers presentations and courses on the jubject of Li-ion battery technology and applications, taylored to specific interests.

20-minute panel presentations:

  • Introduction to Li-ion batteries
  • Introduction to BMS basics
  • Dangers of parallel connection of batteries
  • Low voltage cutoff and CCCV charging: a false sense of security
  • The 3 charging stages
  • Precharge
  • How much balance current is required
  • Charge transfer balancing ("active") vs. Bypass balancing ("passive")

1-hour conference presentations:

  • Li-ion myths and misconceptions
  • BMS and battery topologies
  • State of Charge estimation
Davide presenting a topic
Presenting a class.

4-hour seminars:

  • Li-ion cells: types, formats and chemistries; characterization, safe operation, spec sheets and selection
  • Cell arrangement: series, parallel; parallel-first, series-first; issues with each arrangement and solutions
  • Li-ion BMS: types and topologies, functions, selection
  • Battery design: Component selection, cell installation, connections, control, protection, isolation, thermal management, mechanical design
  • Modules and arrays: Modular, ganged and split batteries; battery arrays
  • Assembly: Preparation, assembly, configuration testing
  • Dysfunctions: Pitfalls to avoid, troubleshooting and repair
  • Small batteries: consumer products, power banks
  • High voltage stationary batteries: grid-tied and off-grid; utilities and consumers

1-day course:

  • Installing and using an Elithion BMS
  • Large low voltage batteries: stationary or mobile house power; telecom, residential, marine, RVs, UPS, microgrid, engine starter
  • Traction batteries: passenger, industrial, racing, public transit, marine, aircraft, UAV, personal transporters, e-bikes, robots

3-day course, "Li-ion batteries and applications":

  • Day 1, AM: Batteries: Fundamental concepts, Li-ion cell
  • Day 1, PM: Batteries: Cell arrangement, Li-ion BMS
  • Day 2, AM: Batteries: Battery design, Modules and arrays
  • Day 2, PM: Batteries: Assembly, Dysfunctions
  • Day 3, AM: Applications: either Small batteries, Large low voltage batteries, Traction batteries or High voltage stationary batteries
  • Day 3, PM: Applications: Case studies

Forensic analysis

Forensic analysis of accidents related to Li-ion battery packs and Battery Management Systems.

We have worked directly on Li-ion battery fires that occurred on these racing yachts, on the behalf of insurance companies:

(No Elithion products were installed in any of these yachts.)

Yacht fire
Inside a yacht after a Li-ion battery fire.

Expert Witness

Providing Expert Witness services for deposition and trials related to Li-ion batteries and BMSs.

Typical transcript of deposition
Deposition transcript.


Our rates for standard consulting are:

  • Hourly rate: $ 200 / hour, billed in 15 minute increments
  • Travel rate: $ 2000 / day plus expenses
  • Contracts: $ 400 for signing an NDA, $ 200 for each additional document

Please Contact us about our consulting services.


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