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Elithion over the years

15 Year anniversaryAug 26th 2023
Elithion is 15 years old.
During these years, it has evolved from a off-the-shelf BMS manufacturer to a provider of BMS integrated circuits to other manufacturers.
EmtorApr 19th 2023
Visited our long-time and high-volume customer, Emtor, in Torun. Poland.
Thank youApr 1st 2023
A sincere thank you to all you customers who supported Elithion over the past 15 years. As Elithion is fully focused on supporting your needs, regretfully it is no longer able to accept any new customers.
Elithion yearly profit marginJan 1st 2023
Thanks to an optimized business strategy, Elithion ends the year with the highest profit margin in its history.
Davide Andrea presenting at the SAE academyDec 1st 2022
Presented a class on Battery Management Systems to the Society of Automotive Engineers "Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Engineering Academy", based on the book, "Li-ion Batteries and Applications"
Lithiumate mastersNov 1st 2023
Shipped the 5000th system.
One million dollarsJul 2nd 2022
Sold $ 1 M worth of product to a European customer.
Davide Andrea presenting at the SAE academyDec 1st 2020
Presented a class on Battery Management Systems to the Society of Automotive Engineers "Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Engineering Academy", based on the book, "Li-ion Batteries and Applications"
Li-ion battery booksOct 1st 2020
Artech House publshed our two-volume book "Li-ion Batteries and Applications". We have a few sets for sale for $ 240 for both volumes (free shipping to the contiguous US). Please contact us to order and specify if you want them signed by the author.
Corona virusMar 15h 2020
We are open for business. So far, we have not been affected by the new corona virus.
Elithion yearly financesJan 1st 2020
Thanks to an optimized business strategy, Elithion ends the year with the highest net income and profit margin in its history.
Davide Andrea presenting at the SAE academyDec 2nd 2019
Presented a class on Battery Management Systems in Detroit, MI, to the Society of Automotive Engineers "Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Engineering Academy", based on the upcoming book, "Li-ion Batteries and Applications"
Final assembly at QSCFeb 7th 2019
Collocated final assembly with our SMD assembly house
Renzo Conserva holding a copy of Volume 1 of the bookNov 29th 2018
Presented a 3-day class, based on the upcoming book, "Li-ion Batteries and Applications", to members of the Royal America team in Santiago, Chile. Pictured: Davide Andrea and Renzo Conserva (holding a copy of Volume 1 of the book.)
Electric forkliftsOct 22th 2018
Received a new, large order for BMSs for electric forklifts from a long time customer
Davide presenting a slideSep 26th 2018
Presented Volume 1 of new book, "Li-ion Batteries and Applications", to a group of 50 engineers and sales people from multiple companies.
Davide with GPS staffSep 24th 2018
Visited GPS / Rocket batteries in Mumbai, India.
10 Year anniversaryAug 26th 2018
Elithion is 10 years old.
During these years, it has grown to be a well established and highly recognised player in the Li-ion industry.
DHL picks up first shipmentMar 7th 2018
Elithion ships the first installment of a year-long order from a German customer that provides batteries to the aviation industry.
Safa Tempo in Kathmandu converted to electricJan 24th 2018
Elithion products used to convert 100 Safa Tempo Tuk Tuks to electric traction as part of a Swiss program to reduce pollution in Kathmandu, Nepal.
117 S Sunset StOct 12th 2017
Open house at Elithion`s new headquarters attended by vendors, customers, consultants, neighbors and friends.
117 S Sunset StSep 28th 2017
Elithion moves to a larger space in Longmont, CO. The manufacturing area is doubled to meet increased demand for Elithion`s products. Windows face a sweeping view of the Rocky Mountains.
Lithiumate touchscreenSep 15th 2017
Released the Lithiumate Touchscreen Display.
Monitors a battery, locally and remotely through the Internet.
New PatentJuly 18th 2017
We have just been granted a patent for "System and Method for Isolated DC to DC Converter" covering the charge transfer balancing used in the Vinci BMS
SOC DisplayMar 6th 2017
The SOC Display has been redesigned to make it field configurable for speed. You can change the speed for the CAN bus at any time if you need to.
Eva AngelesMar 1st 2017
Eva Angeles has joined Elithion in the Manufacturing department and brings with her extensive experience with electronics manufacturing.
Iron EdisonJan 11th 2017
Elithion formalized its relationship with Iron Edison as one of its solution partners. Iron Edison is a manufacturer of large, low voltage, stationary batteries
Support ChatJan 11th 2017
Elithion now offers live support via chat during normal business hours The chat utility is presented at the bottom corner of each inner page of this website.
Zach TylerOct 31th 2016
Hired Zach Tyler for Operations and Application Engineering
Zach Tyler brings with him 23 years of development experience in the electric vehicle world, team management experience from cross functional multidisciplinary projects.
Mobile siteMay 19th 2015
Launched our mobile website, optimized for smartphone use.
Linux GUIApr 1st 2015
Released a Linux version of the Lithimate Graphics User Interface (GUI).
Lithiumate HD MasterJan 15th 2015
Released the Lithiumate HD, a sealed version of the Lithiumate Pro, with automotive grade connectors.
Steve MayerJan 1st 2015
Steve Mayer steps into a Business Development Director role, while remaining a part of the management team.
Patent coverJul 22nd 2014
US Patent 8,786,261 issued, protecting certain aspects of Elithion`s proprietary cell board technology.
Two high power batteriesMar 9th 2014
Delivered a set of high power, ruggedized batteries for job-site power in the movie industry.
e-Transportation logoFeb 28th 2014
e-Transportation, in Luxembourg, joins Elithion`s reseller network
3xe logoOct 10th 2013
3XE, in Wrocław, Poland, joins Elithion`s reseller network
Electric Car Custom logoSep 23rd 2013
Electric Car Custom, in Moscow, Russia joins Elithion`s reseller network
On the Boudler pathsSep 12th 2013
Thank you for your well wishes during this tragic flood in Boulder. Elithion and its staff are all fine; we escaped with relatively minor damage to our homes. As of Sep 17th, our business is back to normal; sorry for any inconvenience.
Enerderl BD3 packSep 9th 2013
Shipped a 20 kWh EV traction pack to a US cell manufacturer. The pack uses a Lithiumate Pro BMS
Electric Autosports logoSep 9th 2013
Canada based Electric Autosports joins Elithion`s reseller network
Elithion headquartersJul 25th 2013
Moved our offices and our battery lab to new, larger headquarters.
Support for Curtis Instruments / HPEVS AC motor invertersJun 25th 2013
The Lithiumate Pro is now compatible with the Curtis AC motor inverters through the HPEVS implementation.
Dartmouth teamMay 2nd 2013
The Dartmouth College team wins the Formula Hybrid electric division with an Elithion Lithiumate Lite BMS.
This is the 4th year in a row with wins for Elithion
Steve MayerApr 30th 2013
Steve Mayer (formerly of EEtrex) joins Elithion as General manager.
WiFi screenApr 8th 2013
Introduced the Lithiumate Wireless Advisor, enabling you to monitor your BMS through any WiFi enabled device such as smartphones (Android, iPhone, iPad...), laptops and other computers.
EV-propulsion logoApr 2nd 2013
EV Propulsion, in New York, joins Elithion`s reseller network
Enerdel battery blockMar 20th 2013
In cooperation with Enerdel, Elithion now offers 1.4 kWh, 44 V Enerdel battery blocks with and integral BMS board, ready for easy inclusion in a high performance battery pack.
Electric Motorsport logoMar 6th 2013
Bay Area based Electric Motorsport, joins Elithion`s reseller network
TM4 AC motor inverterMar 1st 2013
The Lithiumate BMS is now directly compatible with the TM4 AC motor drivers.
Pallet of Russia shipmentNov 30th 2012
Shipped a pallet to AvtoVaz, in Russia with 110 Lithiumate Pro BMSs and 14000 cell boards, for the El Lada production EVs.
Davide in front of screenNov 27th 2012
Presented a talk titled "Battery Management Systems" at the Colorado Cleantech Industry Association Symposium, in Golden.
MES TIM motor inverterSept 27th 2012
The Lithiumate Pro is now compatible with the MES/CEBI TIM 300, TIM 400 and TIM 600 motor inverters.
NetGain WarP Drive DC motor controllerNov 11th 2012
The Lithiumate Pro is now compatible with the new NetGain WarP Drive DC motor controller.
Battery Power logoSep 18th 2012
Presented a talk titled "Connecting batteries in parallel: unexpected effects and solutions" at the Battery Power Conference 2012, in Denver.
Ammon BalasterJun 31st 2012
Hired the services of Ammon Balaster, formerly of Eetrex, to work on Sales and Marketing.
We worked with Ammon in 2007 and 2008, at Hybrids Plus, and we are looking forward to working with him again.
Android phone running TorqueJun 19th 2012
You can now monitor your Lithiumate Pro wirelessly through your Android phone using the Torque app.
Lithiumate Pro GUIJun 4th 2012
Released rev 2.0 of the Lithiumate Pro software:
Graphics User Interface
Self service software updates
Elektro Automatik chargerMay 23th 2012
Added CAN bus support for the Elektro Automatik charger to the Lithiumate Pro BMS.
Texas A&M formula hybrid vehicleMay 4th 2012
Of the top 6 teams in the 2012 Formula Hybrid competition, 4 used a Lithiumate BMS, including Kansas University, winner of the electric division. s did the previous two years‘ overall winners, Texas A&M Racing and Politecnico di Torino, to which Elithion awarded $ 1000 prizes.
The best cars use Elithion BMSs!
iPhone and iPadMar 24th 2012
The Lithiumate Pro is now compatible with the Apple iPhone™ and iPad™ through the Get Console app.
PHEV packApr 19th 2012
Our new Battery Department shipped its first battery, a mere 32 days after it opened shop.
It is a 350 V, 20 kWh traction pack with a 3 kW charger and a 1.8 kW DC-DC converter.
It is for a PHEV truck for a client in California.
Aerial view of labMar 17th 2012
Elithion expands by setting up a lab for the assembly of large Li-ion battery packs: traction packs for vehicles, battery modules for grid storage.
Mavizen logoJan 13th 2012
UK based Mavizen joins Elithion`s reseller network


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