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Elithion's board of advisers

Board of advisers

Elithion is blessed by the support of an effective Board of Advisers, composed of capable and experienced leaders in the industry.

The board meets several times a year to receive reports from the Elithion staff, and to advise it on larger management issues.

Board members include

David Brunel

David Brunel is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor with 25 years of experience building companies in enterprise software and more recently in molecular diagnostics and personalized medicine. He is currently CEO of Biodesix, Inc. a company focused on providing physicians the tools to personalize patient care.

He is also the Chairman of Xyleme, Inc. the leader in standards-based learning solutions that enable single-source publishing and personalized delivery of training content and Anark, Incorporated, providing the platform for effective utilization of 3D CAD data and manufacturing information throughout the enterprise, supply chain, and after-market support.

Don Hume

Don was the founder of Colorado ElectroOptics and cofounder of Inovonics, a leader in high-performance wireless sensor networks for life safety and commercial building security applications.

Davide has worked wih Don in various capacities over the years.

Eben Johnson

Eben is President and Founder of Colorado Technology Consulting, on the faculty of the Lockheed Martin Engineering Management Program, College of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Colorado, Boulder and a sales and marketing leader for Boulder cleantech start-ups.

His experience includes management positions for both start-ups and large corporations across industries that include electric and hybrid vehicles, hydrogen fuel cells, internal combustion engines, waste-to-energy, medical devices and tactical combat communications systems.

Howie Solow

In addition to prior work experience, Howie has thirty five years of comprehensive experience in researching, specifying and designing human performance testing, diagnostic, rehabilitation and fitness equipment.

His experience includes 32 years of management of product/program development and manufacturing in both the for-and-not-for-profit sectors as well as three years as an independent consultant/contractor. Howie has worked in four start-up operations one of which grew to $75 million in sales during his tenure. He has participated in all facets of business from engineering, manufacturing and marketing to sales and after sales support. He founded and is the Board Chair and President of a nonprofit center for the promulgation of traditional Chinese cultural arts.

Mark Feuer

Mark is a shrewd businessman who over the years has been involved in a number of business in Colorado, as a founder, manager and / or investor.

Norman Vickers

Norman Vickers is an experienced cleantech executive with a strong track record in high-tech product and software development. He is currently CEO of Precision Wind, developing weather forecasting solutions for the wind industry.

Norman spent a year as Entrepreneur in Residence at Infield Capital, helping develop leading companies in the transportation space. Prior to Infield, Norman was the President of Nilar, an advanced battery technology startup. Norman has 20 years of leadership experience at EDS developing manufacturing and supply chain systems for GM, Saab Automobile and SKF.

Ammon Balaster

Ammon was the Vice President of Technology at Eetrex Inc / Hybrids Plus, where he developed and managed the engineering and manufacturing systems for design and development of on-board EV battery chargers, Vehicle-To-Grid (V2G) inverter-chargers and high-voltage Lithium traction battery systems.

His previous positions include the program management consultant at Strategic Networks, Inc., where he developed solutions and key product strategies for high tech companies, the Vice President of Business Development for Colorado MEDTech, Inc., and the Vice President & Founder of RELA, where he developed this engineering company into one of the nation's leading technology product contract development and manufacturing companies.


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