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Large Li-Ion battery packs

EV, HEV, PHEV traction packs; smart grid energy storage battery modules

Elithion designs and manufactures custom, large Li-ion battery packs for selected vehicle developers and smart grid storage providers.

These packs include a complete Elithion Protector BMS, without which there would be a safety risk if they were charged improperly.

Battery module
5.2 kW, 48 V, hot swap, rack mount
Battery modules in rack

Lithiumod battery modules

Lithiumod™ smart energy storage, ideal for:

  • Smart grid storage
  • Power back-up for telecom
  • Load following, peak shaving, voltage and frequency regulation

Each module:

  • 5 kWh
  • 24 or 48 Vdc
  • 30 minute discharge
  • 19" rack mount, air cooled
  • Hot-swap capable, blind mate power connector

System scalable up to:

  • 16000 modules
  • 800 Vdc bus
  • 80 MWh
  • 260 MW

Product info

Traction packs

Custom designed and manufactured for vehicle development projects

  • For EVs, HEVs, PHEVs
  • 1 to 10 units, 60 days typical turnaround for 1st article
  • Using technology that best matches technical requirements and budget
    • Prismatic cells for lowest cost, medium power applications
    • Power cells (pouch or small cylindrical) for high power applications
    • Your company's cells for demonstration purposes
  • Includes BMS, safety features
  • Options:
    • Integral charger, J1772 charge inlet compatibility
    • 12 V DC-DC
    • Liquid cooling
    • Contactors with precharge, post-discharge
    • Compatibility with existing platforms (e.g.: Prius PHEV)
    • J1939 CAN messages
Traction pack
PHEV traction pack

Product info

Enerdel battery block with BMS
1.5 kW, 48 V, battery block

Battery blocks

Enerdel™ battery modules with integral Lithiumate BMS

  • For high power applications
  • Ideal for traction packs for electric vehicles
  • 48 V, 1.5 kWh, 40 kW peak
  • One to 16 modules may be used for batteries from 44 to 700 V, from 1.5 to 20 kWh, from 40 to 700 kW peak power.
  • A Lithiumate BMS master is required


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