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Uniquely qualified

Elithion is a uniquely qualified Product Development Company to design, develop and manufacture your large Li-ion battery or Battery Management System.

Elithion's extensive experience in the development, manufacture and installion support of Li-ion products in a wide array of applications makes Elithion an ideal partner in the development of Li-ion solutions for your company.

Hands holding cells
Elithion: caring for your Li-ion cells

Battery Management Systems

Should one of Elithion's standard BMSs not be suitable to your application, our engineers would be eager to discuss with you a custom BMS to meet your particular needs.

A custom BMS tailored to your specific application:

  • Can be more economical
  • Can include an interface specific to your application
  • Can interface specifically to your cells
  • Can be private-labeled by your company
Enerdel cell board
Custom BMS cell board for an Enerdel battery module


Elithion's Lithiumod battery modules may be connected together in a great variety of configurations to meet most system requirements.

Should your application require a battery module with a different form factor, voltage or capacity, Elithion is able to quickly produce for you a customized version of its Lithiumod battery modules.

When designing a vehicle, your organization may not have the resources and experience required to design a traction pack for it. Elithion has the expertize and resources to produce a traction pack for your vehicle, at a lower engineering cost and with a faster turnaround.

Traction pack detail
Detail of a custom traction pack


Elithion offers engineering consulting services in areas related to Li-Ion Battery Management Systems (BMS), including:

  • Battery pack design: mechanical and electrical design, thermal analysis
  • Forensic analysis of incidents related to Li-ion packs
  • PHEV conversions
  • System integration
3D design of battery
Battery design for a light train


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