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Lithiumate™ - Master & HVFE

2CN0xxxH Li-Ion BMS master and High Voltage Front End in a metal case

This standard Li-Ion BMS controller performs these functions:
  • Manages the cells in the battery pack
  • Measures the battery pack current
  • Reports the status of the battery pack
  • Requests charging and discharging limits
  • Drives contactors and handles precharge
  • Controls cooling
  • Tests for end of precharge and for loss of insulation
This controller includes:
  • An HV front End (to test for end of precharge, loss of insulation, with an optional current sensor)
  • A metal enclosure
  • An on-board current sensor (except the 2CN0000H)
The 2CN0000H controller does not include:
BMS controller w/HV Front End
BMS controller with HV Front End


These controllers are available with no current sensors, or with one sensor or two.
PN Current sensor
2CN0000H -
2CN0005H 5 A
2CN0050H 20 A
2CN0050H 50 A
2CN0100H 100 A
2CN0200H 200 A
2CN0055H 50 A and 5 A
2CN0105H 100 A and 5 A
2CN0205H 200 A and 5 A
2CN0070H 50 A and 20 A
2CN0120H 100 A and 20 A
2CN0220H 200 A and 20 A



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