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Lithiumate™ current sensors

Options for battery current sensing

The BMS needs to know the battery current for proper operation.
Whether there is a need for none, one or two current sensors, depends on the application.

If the source current (charging current) is in the same range as the load current, only one sensor is needed

Application Number of current sensors required
CAN bus already has the value of the battery current None
No battery current info on CAN bus Source (charging) current is in the same order of magnitude as the load current One, measuring the entire battery current
Source (charging) current is much lower than the load current Two:
•one measuring just the load current
•one measuring just the source current

You may use your own current sensor, or one of these Elithion current sensors:

In-line On-board Cable mount
Range (bi-directional): Range (bi-directional):
  • ± 5 A
  • ± 20 A
  • ± 50 A
  • ± 100 A
  • ± 200 A
Available in:
Range (bi-directional):
Lithiumate Pro Master: Lithiumate HD Master:


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