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Years of experience

Elithion engineers started developing Li-ion BMS technology in 2004, including Plug-in Hybrid conversions starting from 2006.

In 2008 Elithion was the first US company to develop and offer commercially an off-the-shelf Li-ion BMS.

Since then, work in a wide variety of applications and close collaboration with partners, customers, cell manufacturers, academics and even competitors, has given Elithion a wide, unmatched understanding of a the evolving Li-ion technology.

We are well versed in the most effective technologies and know which practices are unsafe. We understand intimately how Li-ion cells work within a battery and how Li-ion batteries work within a system. We use that understanding in our design work and in supporting you in your work.

Prius PHEV conversion
Prius PHEV conversion, 2007

Sharing that expertise

We are eager to share our expertise with the industry, through publications and other educational efforts and consulting services.

Elithion is regularly sought by battery conferences to give presentations on unique, interesting and even controversial subjects related to Li-ion cells, batteries and BMSs.

Various players in the battery industry continually seek Elithion's expertise in all aspects of Li-ion batteries and technology, in areas as varied as trains, electric airplanes, BMS design and grid optimization.

When accidents do happen, Elithion's expertise is treasured by the legal profession, insurance industry and other parties eager to discover causes and learn of solutions.

Elithion inspecting yacht
Forensic analysis of an incident on a yacht


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