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Lithiumate™ BMS ordering

Information we need from you

We are unable to accept new customers due to the chip shortage.

If you are not a present customer, please accept our apologies, and contact one of these other BMS companies.

If you are a past customer, to order a Lithiumate BMS, please...

1: Prepare information about your system

  • What is the cell format?:
    • Small cylindrical (e.g.: 18650)
    • Pouch (i.e. soft polymer bag)
    • Large prismatic; if so:
      • What is the bolt size? (e.g.: M8)
      • What is the spacing between the terminals? (e.g.: 106 mm)
    • Other. If so, what?
  • How many cells in series?
  • What is the cell arrangement?
    • Single series string
    • Parallel-first: cells in parallel to form a block; a number of blocks in series
    • Series-first: cells in series to form a string; a number of strings in parallel
  • Is the battery divided into physically separate boxes? If so, how many?
  • What is the maximum current? (If different current for charging and use, specify both.)
  • Do you want us to make cables for you, or can we just send you the parts you make your own cables?
  • Would you like a display?

2: Contact us

Please contact us.


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