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The following companies are authorized to offer Elithion products, and are the only ones authorized to do so.

Elithion authorized resellers are qualified in serving users of single systems: students, hobbyists, companies looking for just a single BMS.

Professional users in the industry are encouraged to buy Elithion products directly through Elithion:

Elithion offers free, factory tech support to all users of Elithion products, regardless of how it was purchased.

As resellers are independent businesses, Elithion is not responsible for any aspect of their business.

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North America

Company Specialty Address Web / Phone
logo Providing quality systems & components for Electric Vehicles since 2001 2400-2404
Mandela Pkwy
Oakland, CA
94607 / USA
Electric Motorsport
logo Creating quality electric car conversions using quality parts 494 Gillette ave
Bayport, NY
11705 / USA
EV Propulsion
1-613 317 7834
logo 7427 South Main Street
Midvale, UT.
84047 / USA
Electric Car Parts Company




Company Specialty Address Web / Phone
logo Electric Vehicles and EV parts for car conversions 5, route de Luxembourg
L-5634 Mondorf-les-Bains
(+352) 621 570 372
logo 2A Rue Schmitz, 8190 Kopstal, Luxembourg Cleancarb sarl
(+7) (352) 661304746




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