Vinci BMS bus wiring

Ready-made harnesses for VinciLink and VinciBus

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For battery arrays only: optional, pre-wired cables for connecting the VinciBus in an array of batteries.

Elithion PN Description Used Quantity Length
3JB0000T VinciBus terminator On the last battery in the array One per array -
3JB0001R VinciBus single jack On the Array Master One per array -
3JB0002R VinciBus dual jack On each battery in an array One per battery -
3JB0005C VinciBus cable Between a Battery Master and the preceding module One per battery 0.5 m
3JB0010C 1 m
3JB0020C 2 m
3JB0050C 5 m
VinciBus connectors
Array VinciBus components

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Required at the end of a VinciBus.

Part number Description
3TB0000A Terminator, VinciBus
VinciBus terminator
VinciBus terminator

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