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Lithiumate Lite vs analog BMS

Comparison between the Lite and the most popular analog BMS

The Lithiumate Lite is the least expensive digital (smart) BMS, making it cost competitive with analog (dumb) BMSs. Yet it offers so much more, as shown below.

Lithiumate Lite Most popular analog BMS
Lithiumate Lite Analog BMS
Pros: Simple to install
Protects from everything
Helpful during set-up and troubleshooting
Offers GUI
Reports state of charge
Simplest to install
Easiest to understand
Protects from overcharge
Cons: Requires learning how to use it Not very helpful during troubleshooting
Doesn't protect from over-discharge
Technology Digital: detects and reports what the problem is, where it is, and by how much (great for troubleshooting) Analog: detects and reports that there's some problem (don't know what or where) (unhelpful for troubleshooting)
Protects against Cell over voltage
Cell under voltage
Pack over voltage
Pack under voltage
Over temperature
Under temperature
Over charging current
Over discharging current
Electrical fault
Cell over voltage
(Warns use of under-voltage, but doesn't protect)
Balances Completely, until done Only once per power cycle
Reports SOC (State Of Charge)
Actual capacity
Pack voltage
Pack current
Cell resistance
Remembers Log of exceptions Nothing
User interface LEDs on cell boards
LEDs on Master
Graphic User Interface, Windows
LEDs on cell boards
User configurable Capacity and chemistry (very easy)
Advanced settings (optional, very versatile)
Fault delay (even easier, but not versatile)
Kit includes Master
Cell boards
Cables to cell boards
Breakouts to cell boards
Wires and splices between cell boards
Cable to computer
Load current sensor
Cell boards
Master includes AC power supply
Throttle shunt to warn of low battery
Charger current sensor
USB port for computer
Meter outputs: SOC, pack voltage and current
Control outputs: charge OK, discharge OK, Warning, Fault
Solid State Relay to control charger
Throttle shunt to warn of low battery


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