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Lithiumate Lite Specs

General specifications of the digital BMS for EVs

Electrical specifications

Full specifications in the manual


Ignition supply 12 V nominal
AC supply voltage 85 to 265 Vac
Charger current 30 Adc max
Number of banks 8 max
Number of cells in series a bank 2 to 25
Number of cells in series in a battery 2 to 200
Pack voltage 950 V max
Pack current 900 A max
Regen support Yes
On/off outputs, voltage 24 Vdc max (ground side), supply voltage (Plus side)
On/off outputs, current 3 A max (ignition powered) 0.3 A (AC powered)
Meter outputs 0 to 5 V
Sender output (to car fuel gauge) 0 to 300 Ohm
Throttle reduce output Open (no reduction) to 100 Ω (max reduction)
High voltage isolation 1000 Vdc (500 Vdc for Throttle reduce output)

Cell boards

Cell voltage measurement 2.1 to 4.5 V
Cell board temperature measurement -40~85°C
Balancing current 200 mA
High voltage isolation 1000 Vdc
Reverse installation protection Fuse*

Fuse blows if installed backwards.
Fuse not replaceable.
Fuse only in newer cell boards:

  • Positive (red PCB), PCB part number >= 100EP030B, starting April 2012
  • Mid (green PCB), PCB part number >= 100EP031B, starting April 2012
  • Negative (black PCB), all revisions
Load power graph Click picture to enlarge
Maximum load and charger power versus pack voltage

Mechanical specifications

BMS Master

Full specifications in the manual

Case dimensions 6.7 x 4.05 X 1.23" (170 x 103 X 32 mm)
with mating connectors installed
1.87" (47 mm)
Wire gauge, AC power connector 26~16 AWG (0.2~1.5 mm2)
Wire gauge, control connector 24~12 AWG (0.34~2.5 mm2)
Battery current sensor ring terminals
#10 hole (5 mm) I.D.
0.6" (15 mm) O.D. max

Lithiumate Lite master

Cell Boards

Full specifications in the manual

Dimensions, PCB assembly only

Positive end (red) 1 x 0.95 X 0.43" (25 x 24 X 11 mm)
Mid (green) 1 x 0.7 X 0.28" (25 x 18 X 7 mm)
Negative end (black) 1.4 x 1 X 0.43" (35 x 25 X 11 mm)

Cell board
Lithiumate Lite positive end cell board


Emissions, radiated and conducted, FCC part 15 class A


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