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Lithiumate™ Lite master

BMS controller with power supply and charger current sensor

This BMS monitors, evaluates, balances and protects a Li-Ion battery pack.

  • Designed specifically for EV conversions
  • Off the shelf
  • Maximum ease of installation and configuration: no crimping required
  • Distributed: cell boards mounted on cells, single wire to adjacent cell boards
  • For large packs: up to 160 cells (~ 500 V), in up to 8 banks
  • Supports all cell form factors, and most Lithium chemistries
  • Protects cells from over current, under/over voltage, under/over temperature
  • Compatible with most chargers and most motor drivers
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2CN0008E: Lithiumate Lite master



Simplified specifications are in the general description page for the Lithiumate Lite.


Detailed specifications are in the Lithiumate™ Lite User Manual.


Item Part number Notes
Lithiumate Lite master 2CN0008E Stocked

For replacement parts, please order from the same reseller from whom you originally bought your kit.



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