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Lithiumate Lite Components

Parts used in a Lithiumate Lite BMS

Kit components

A kit includes:

You can also use the menu at left to browse the various components that may be part of a Lithiumate Lite BMS.

Minimum system

The minimum Lithiumate Lite system consists of:

  • One master controller
  • A number of cell boards equal to the number of cells in series
  • A breakout, with cables to connect to two or four end cell boards
  • An RJ45 (Ethernet) modular cable, to connect a breakout to the master
  • A current sensor to sense load current

Optional components

A system may also have (not included in a kit):

  • Up to 3 analog meters, to indicate pack voltage, current and State Of Charge
  • Dashboard indicators, to duplicate the indicators on the Master
  • A relay to turn off the charger's AC input


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