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Lithiumate™ Lite current sensor

Cable mounted, load current sensor

This current sensor must be mounted on the battery cable that carries the load current. (The Master measures the charger current using an on-board current sensor.)

It measures the load current in either direction (can handle regenerative braking), ideally up to 300 A, but can meaqsure up to 900 A.

Lithiumate Lite sensor
EUZ0300CS: Current sensor


Max current +/-900 A
Nominal current +/-300 A
Cable length 3" / 0.9m


Item Part number Notes
Cable 2CS0000K Stocked
Sensor EUZ0300CS Stocked

For replacement parts, please order from the same reseller from whom you originally bought your kit.

Lithiumate Lite sensor
2CS0000K: Current sensor cable


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