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Vinci BMS bank links

Bank cables and optical fibers

Standard and optical cables to connect a slave to a bank of cells.

Bank cables

Standard cables connecting a distributed slave and the two cell modules at the end of a bank of cells.

You have the following options, in order of ease:

Prewired bank cables

Pre-wired cables for connection to a distributed bank.

Part number Description Banks Length [m] Used with
EV HV LV Module P/N Module type
3WM0303D Bank harness, MX34, Vinci-LV 3 0.3 3ML00xxD Vinci LV, distributed
3WM0805D Bank harness, MX34, VinciBus distributed slave 8 0.3 3MB0008W VinciBus distributed slave



Individual components you can use to make your own harnesses for connection to masters, batteries.

Elithion PN Description Manufacturer
& PN
US: DigiKey PN EU: RS
EKV3416UA Connector, MX34, plug housing, 16 way JAE MX34016SF1 670-2290-ND 690-9874
EKV3440UA Connector, MX34, plug housing, 40 way JAE MX34040SF1 670-2299-ND 690-9852
EKV3403ST Connector, MX34, socket, 22 AWG crimp, tin JAE M34S75C4F1 670-2268-1-ND 690-9899
EKV3403ST Connector, MX34, socket, 20 AWG crimp, tin JAE M34S75C4F2 670-2006-1-ND 690-9893


Application tooling

Elithion PN Description Manufacturer
& PN
US EU Asia
- Hand crimper, MX34 JAE CT150-2-MX34 Digikey 670-2488-ND RS 733-6268 -
- Extractor, MX34 JAE CT150-2-MX34 Mouser 656-ET-MX34-1 - RS: 632-4677


Optical fibers

Plastic fiber optic cables (POF) connecting an optical slave and the two cell modules at the end of a bank of cells.

Two cables are required for each bank.

Elithion PN Length [m]
OFC0010PU 1
Fiber optic cable
Fiber optic cable




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