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Cell boards for pouch or small cylindrical cells

Open PCB assembly

Each of these cell boards handles a single pouch or small cylindrical cell.
  • Measures and reports voltage and temperature
  • Mounted onto the cell
  • Inobstrusive: fits within the gap between small cylindrical cells or between tabs for large pouch cells
  • A single communication wire is used between adjacent cells in a bank
Cell boards
Pouch and small cylindrical cell boards


These cell boards can be used with all pouch and small cylindrical cells.

Single boards offer flexibility, as they can be used in a variety of cell arrangements.

These cell boards can be used with a variety of prismatic cells. They are available in various lengths, to accommodate various terminal spacings.

Prismatic boards in 4 applications Click picture to enlarge
Vinci prismatic cell boards in applications


Each bank requires a positive cell board on its most positive cell, a negative cell board on its most negative cell, and mid-bank cell boards in the remaining cells.
(The quote form will automatically select the correct number and type of boards.)


General specifications

  • 1.8 to 4.5 V, 1.25 mV resolution (Vinci)
  • Protected against miswiring, up to +/- 50 V
  • -40 ~ 85 °C, 0.5 °C resolution (Vinci)
  • Dual redundant
    • Voltage measurement (against voltage reference failure)
    • Temperature measurement (against thermistor failure)
    • Protection (analog fault detector in case of digital BMS failure)
  • Balance current: ~200 mA

Detailed specifications are in the Vinci BMS Manual.


Installation is straightforward:

  1. Mount cell board on the cell
  2. Connect adjacent cell boards with a communications wire

For more information, see the installation instructions.



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