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Vinci EV BMS, VinciLink topology

Description, configuration and ordering


Slaves sense cell voltages through a number of tap wires.

The BMS uses a Master/Slave topology, consisting of a number of modules; communication between slaves is through a 2-wire daisy chain; between the Master and the Application module is through a 5-wire bus.

The BMS consists of:

Item Info Function Qty
VinciLink Battery Master Info Manage the battery 1
VinciLink Wired Slaves Info Interface to a bank of cells 1+
Application module Info Add Traction Pack functions 1
Contactor set Info Precharge, disconnect the battery 1
Current sensors Info Sense the battery current 0~2
Cell wiring components Info Connection to the cells 1+
VinciLink wiring components Info Between slaves 1+
VinciBus wiring components Info Between master, appl. mod. 1
Communications adapters Info To a computer for monitoring (1)
Block diagram
Wired VinciLink topology

System configuration and ordering

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