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Vinci BMS current sensors

For all BMS families

Unless the external system reports the battery current to the BMS through the CAN bus, each battery requires a current sensor.
You may provide your own, or you may obtain one from Elithion, either as part of a protector switch (see above) or by itself.

For up to 50 A current, a current sensor may be included inside the battery master's case.

Elithion offers these external current sensors.

In line, Hall Effect Current sensors

In line Hall Effect current sensors for low current.

Include current sense wires.

Part number Max current Mount Manufacturer
& P/N
EUZ0300CS ±900 A Chassis
Wire fed through sensor
HASS 300-S
In line current sensor
In line current sensor

Cable mount, Hall Effect Current sensors

Hall Effect current sensors for high current are inherently isolated and are easy to install.

Chassis mounted, battery wire runs through opening in sensor.

Part number Max current Manufacturer P/N
EUZ0300CS ±900 A LEM HASS 300-S
Cable mount current sensor
Cable mount current sensor

Shunt Current sensors

Shunt current sensors are more accurate and do not drift with temperature.

Chassis mount, 4-terminal Kelvin connection.

Part number Max current Resistance Manuf. P/N
ERS5010CP ±100 A 500 µΩ Deltec MKA-100-50
ERS2511CP ±200 A 250 µΩ Deltec MKB-200-50
ERS1011CP ±500 A 100 µΩ Deltec MKB-500-50
ERS5003CP ±1000 A 50 µΩ Deltec MKC-1000-50
Shunt current sensor
Shunt current sensor



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