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Cell modules for prismatic cells

Mechanically rugged, electrically protected

Each of these cell modules handles a single prismatic cell.
  • Measures and reports voltage and temperature
  • Matched to most sizes of prismatic cells
  • Mounted on the top of the cell, through ring terminals
    • Reliable mechanical mounting and direct electrical connection
  • Inobstrusive: fits within the terminal bolts
  • A single communication wire is used between adjacent cells in a bank
  • For use as part of a Vinci or Lithiumate BMS
Primatic cell module
Primatic cell module


These cell modules can be used with most prismatic cells.

Single modules offer flexibility, as they can be used in a variety of cell arrangements.

These cell modules can be used with a variety of prismatic cells. They are available in various lengths, to accommodate various terminal spacings.

Prismatic boards in 4 applications Click picture to enlarge
Vinci prismatic cell modules in applications


Each bank requires a positive cell board on its most positive cell, a negative cell board on its most negative cell, and mid-bank cell boards in the remaining cells.
(The quote form will automatically select the correct number and type of modules.)

Part number
Mid Negative
Cable Optic Cable Optic
M4 3CP2sswP 3CP2sswH 3CP2sswM 3CP2sswN 3CP2sswL -
M6 3CP3sswP 3CP3sswH 3CP3sswM 3CP3sswN 3CP3sswL -
M8 3CP4sswP 3CP4sswH 3CP4sswM 3CP4sswN 3CP4sswL 3CP4117x: 110 mm, 2 W
3CP4188x: 170 mm, 5 W
M12 3CP6sswP 3CP6sswH 3CP6sswM 3CP6sswN 3CP6sswL 3CP6218x: 110 mm, 5 W
M14, M16 3CP8sswP 3CP8sswH 3CP8sswM 3CP8sswN 3CP8sswL 3CP8249x: 240 mm, 10W

ss = terminal spacing [cm]
w = balance power code: 6: 1 W; 7: 2 W; 8: 5 W; 9: 10 W

Example: Part number 1PR4117M

  • 3 = Vinci
  • PR = Prismatic cell module
  • 4 = M8 bolt (bolt size = 2 x code)
  • 11 = 110 mm: maximum center-to-center spacing of cell terminals, in cm
  • 7 = 2 W balance power (available: 6: 1 W; 7: 2 W; 8: 5 W; 9: 10 W)
  • M = mid bank (available: M = mid-bank; P = positive end, cable; N = negative end, cable; H = positive end, fiber optic; L = negative end, fiber optic)


General specifications

  • 1.8 to 4.5 V, 1.25 mV resolution (Vinci)
  • Protected against miswiring, up to +/- 50 V
  • -40 ~ 85 °C, 0.5 °C resolution (Vinci)
  • Sealed
  • Dual redundant
    • Voltage measurement (against voltage reference failure)
    • Temperature measurement (against thermistor failure)
    • Protection (analog fault detector in case of digital BMS failure)
  • Balance current from 100 mA to 3 A, depending on terminal spacing

Detailed specifications are in the Vinci BMS Manual.


Installation is straightforward:

  1. Mount cell module's ring terminal on the cell's negative terminal
  2. Mount other ring terminal on the cell's positive terminal
  3. Connect adjacent cell modules with a communications wire

For more information, see the installation instructions.



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