6DS0xxxE - SOC display

Battery and BMS status display with CAN Bus interface, round, enclosed

This standard Battery Status display module includes:
• A 10-LED bar graph to indicate State Of Charge (SOC)
• Five separate status LEDs
Communication is through the CAN bus and is available at a fixed, non-changeable speed and a configurable version at the following speeds: 125 kbps, 250 kbps or 500 kbps, or 1 Mbps
The small module is ready to be installed in a panel.
It requires a nominal 12 Vdc supply to operate.

The SOC display is connected to the CAN bus and a 12 V power source through a 4-conductor cable.

Also available as an open assembly.

SOC displayClick picture to enlarge
SOC display

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If used with an Elithion BMS controller, the standard behavior of the display is:

  • The LED bar shows the SOC, in 10 % increments:
  • The five LEDs indicate the state of the BMS:
    •     Red= Fault (e.g.: plugged in while trying to drive off) {In Rev 1.05+, it is also lit in case of warning}
    •     Amber = Current limited (reduced charging or discharging limit)
    •     Yellow = Load is on (e.g.: ignition is on)
    •     Green = Enabled (contactors are on, if used)
    •     Blue = Source is on (e.g.: plugged in to charge)

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  • Part Numbers
    • Configurable Can bus speed: 6DS0000E
    • 125 kbps Can bus speed: 6DS0125E
    • 250 kbps Can bus speed: 6DS0250E
    • 500 kbps Can bus speed: 6DS0500E OBSOLETE
    • 1000 Mbps Can bus speed: 6DS1000E OBSOLETE

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